Our agency based in Lausanne supports professionals in the production and distribution of digital communications strategies. Creative and dynamic, the Ways agency offers innovative marketing tools integrating Augmented Reality, as well as a range of Internet services, and more ...

Augmented Reality


Discover our new partnership with Total Immersion, a world leader in the field of Augmented Reality.



Mammut Sports

Thanks to this educational software, you can assimilate the different stages of the search for avalanche victims.






The largest eco-energy power
station and producer of pellets
in French-speaking Switzerland.




Safety in the mountains


Most of the safety issues that may arise for hikers and climbers, find the answers here.




Tutoriel Photoshop


Check out the “City of the North” tutorial
describing the steps to integrate
a city in a setting.


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The era of social networking, Web 2.0, new generations of mobiles and of touch pads, is today at a perfect stage for a massive deployment of Augmented Reality.


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Choose the right Internet strategy. Our company has extensive experience in this area and will guide and support you throughout this process.


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We are also specialists in the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Application) web applications and we can offer you custom games and animated interactive content to promote products and innovations.


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